IB Home,another offline activities established by FX110, aims to bring IB elites together,

 popularize forex training, share trading experience and access the latest IB policy of broker.

FX110 established Introducing Brokers column in July 2015 and provide free access for IBs to set up e-shop and publicize brand. Since then, 

more than 1,000 IBs have applied, and over 300 among them have set up e-shop. 


Nowadays the forex industry is developing rapidly, which creates a good opportunity for the development of the IB market.

So how to foster good relation with investors?

How to develop better business connection with brokers?

How to get the most preferential treatment and policies from brokers in the first place?

Here we are to discuss these problems one by one. And you will get the preferential commission policy from the sponsor and the top human resources network of the industry so that you can stand out in the fast-growing forex market.

(The activity is for free)Each participant will receive a delicate gift from IB Home


Channel ADSS Asia Pacific Market Analyst

Channel graduated from the Chinese university of Hong Kong, majoring in political science, is good at analyzing the impact of national fiscal policy and political and economic situation on foreign exchange trend and stock market, and familiar with the use of national fiscal policy, central bank monetary policy and economic data indicators for basic analysis, coupled with objective technical indicators to predict market trends, from the financial and political level to provide customers with comprehensive analysis and advice.

Francis Lee Assistant Professor of Economics, Fu Jen Catholic University

In addition to teaching at university, Francis is also the CEO, APAC of ADSS, responsible for the overall strategic development and business operations of the group's Asia Pacific region. Francis graduated from the Department of International Trade at the Fu Jen Catholic University, a well-known institution of higher education in Taiwan. He then studied in the United States, received a master's degree in communication design from the Pratt Institute, and a MBA in financial management from the Lubin School of Business of Pace University in New York. After graduation, Francis started working in the forex industry, and served a number of forex companies in Wall Street. He has years of practical experience in foreign exchange operations and risk control, and he is familiar with global financial derivatives. Francis has been active in the financial industry in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for years. Before joining ADSS, Francis was the managing director of Saxo and FXCM Asia respectively, he led the company's business development in Asia Pacific region, set many precedents for the forex industry. Francis is often invited to be the speakers in various investment seminars in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. And he is also famous for his financial articles and market commentary, and he is always one of the finance medias’ favorite interviewees.

Seminar Schedule


IB Home


Speech Topic:How does anti-globalization affect your investments?

14: 30-15: 20

Speech Topic:Investment Opportunities under the Suspended Interest Rate Increase in the United States

15: 20-15: 35

Interactive Q&A and Luck Draw

15: 35-16: 00

Experience of custom gifts of FxCaht Gold Coin Mall

16: 00-17: 00

Speech Topic:The IB is refined like this

17: 00-17: 30

Interactive Q & A draw